Thursday, 22 March 2007


It's late and I'm exhausted...just got back from snowboarding. Indoors. In England.

Anyway, hard to believe the trip is about done. Tomorrow night is Paris with Dan and Emily, back here Saturday night, and I fly out Sunday.

Hell of a week.

Yesterday was a big touristy day for me---I'll post pictures later, but I did the Tower of London(wicked quick) and was the last person of the day to see the Crown Jewels and the armory. (HIGHLIGHTS: the axe that supposedly killed Anne Bolyon, and King someone's crown from 16something. I told you I'm tired)

I also walked the Thames for a while...had a great non-mad cow burger with Dan across the street from St. Paul's, (As an aside, we're opening a company dedicated to bringing our favorite restaurants of US/England across the ocean) and climbed the Monument to the 1666 fire. Sick views from up there, but between St. Paul's, the Tower of London, and the Monument, if I see another spiral staircase that goes up 20 stories, I am going to scream. I swear...I'm tired of looking right as I go up stairs, and I think I've developed a permanent lean.

Today was a antiques/craft, etc market----I bought some cool stuff [note: everything at a British antiques fair is either "Victorian" "roman" "Norman" or made of "gold" "silver" or "pewter" if you listen to the dealers.]

But the highlight was when I came across the "Alternative Fashion Week: Sponsored by Swatch." Wait until you see these outfits...costumes? I don't even know, but the pictures are like if Marilyn Manson was dressed by a blind first-year design student with Parkinson's and a flair for the dramatic.

Anyway...crashing time, but I'll get those pictures up soon.

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